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Village Ovchartsi
Legend for the village
March Ovchartsi - Sofia
Strahil saga-a headman
Goritsa river
Ovchartsi waterfall
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Village Ovchartsi


The site exists in procedure of construction 

Site for village Ovchartsi,
municipality Sapareva bania,
area Kyustendil

Population: 1217 inhabitant (to 01/01/2007 НСИ)
Area of village Оvchartsi: 18. 824 kilometers in 2 (НСИ)
Altitude degree : 700-999 meters
Telephone code: 07030
Postal code: 2647
Geographic coordinates: 42 16' 29" n 23 13' 27" E


Ovchartsi village was located in a mountainous region. There are over 7 waterfalls and and very beautiful nature. Two rivers Goritsa and Fudinia fall from the two sides of the village. Its beginning from the north - west foot to peak-Tash dairy (rock dairy) brings Fudinia river, from several wells (a horse well) and it is impressed in Djerman river.



Accurate danny for originating to the village is away. The sagas are brought, that during turkish oppression the village has been bearing the name-settlement. In the turkish archives it is marked that due to his familiarity with Sapareva bania. Its location in the field is known the name has area that she brings until today as well the small Drumche, for there is the butt of the roman road. The village has been being located to a intersection- he goes therefore the road to the Pautalia (today ' s Kyustendil)-as well Macedonia. Due to the frequent forays, the part from the population is transplanted into the foot of the mountain range. There is small space that they call the lawn. There is a kirk for 19 centuries, and there are guesses for more wee date as far back  as well.


Orthodox church.


Public institutions

A city hall, a main school, a lycee, doctors and a dental office, a church.

Cultural and natural showplaces

The river Goritsa with its 7 Waterfalls, highest - Ovchartsi waterfals, м is 39. She issued for kabul peak, he arrives at the limits of national Park Rila. The name hails from one legend on the river. More turkish for time in the village one beautiful girl to name Goritsa that likes homegrown Bay lives. Frightened for itself the girl had stampeded to the mountain range. She to the limit of its forces had stayed high rock and had finished out on the edge of a precipice from which she had soared already, to set its laureateship. The river bore its name since then.

Another showplace is the kirk regimented in 1881 for actor-builder-Kiriaku and Maltse from village Krushevo, Debarsko, from worshippers residents of village as well. The kirk is a masterpiece in the of the Bulgarian national revival architecture. Its actors are members of Debur belletristic school of 18-19 centuries. They are actor-builders, painters and carvers, they transmit their art from a father of a son. The inside is elegant, with the building of the cupola in 1960 with actor-Tsane Rakov as well, she becomes visible for all. The murals of the inside and and the more interesting vaulting According to facts, зографи, possibly by Nikola Obrazopisov are trial of Samokov. Decorate It is with постни boa constrictors. Name "st. John Theologian" is on the grounds in an old kirk framed up, saves the present. Near the old kirk there was a school in which the 10-15 students study. It rubbed a ship pseudobasilica with a relatively small semicircle apse. The narthex is new. The frescos are from 1882 and consist in 54 scenes and the 22 medals. Theiconostasis Average greater, he is painted and decked up with a large pretty altarpiece. Eight plinth boards are with stages from Sixdays. Iconostasis the images are genuine in unknown eventual Samokov manner-painter. The red - carpet icons are 6. The small pictures are 35 and and give a kiss 9. Prelatic. bishop`s toilet and two give a kiss iconostasis are trimmed with sculpture and have a more some icon. Construction continue
 3 for years. Consecrating the temple becomes in 1883 with Samokov a metropolitan - Dositei. From viva - voce facts of two celebrants it is known the senior kirk-"st. Nikola" has been really greater. This meets together by the disclosure at the bases at the building of the new chapel at this position.

Another showplace is small kirk "St. Mother of God" The rock plates with which the floor is spread are brought to a back by овчарченци right at the kirk from area-Juruchkite cemetery. It knows that it exists, she knows that she was located in the region to roman or later site of an ancient town in which wall to thracian cemetery, the christian burial chambers and the thracian headdresses are revealed. When does accurate датировка be framed up Be away There are self-speculations. Estimating the height of the stubby door it can be got to turkish time.

The village is known with folklore group Gornopolski Glass established sings in 1962 that the shopsko diphthong represents, performs the point citizenry songs. The group takes engagements in numerous festivals in the country and there is an outstanding album. In 2006 the group made engagement in the third international folklore festival for sofia spring, where she is represented okay with participants by the entire country and a foreign country.

They as well function as well in the village Two traditional fulling-mill in which the homegrown people since the end for the time use the power of the clean flowing water for the money laundering, as recently after constructing еко way their customers were increased.

Regular events

Down Each year to 8 may (for day of st. John Theologian), 15 august (assumption St. Mother of God) and 9 november.





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